EnlightED Day 1. Company and Training

Under the heading ‘Corporate Training & Lifelong Learning’, the programme of the first day of Enlighted focused on the concerns of many companies around the training of the workforce in the face of the digital transformation that we are experiencing. On social media, the event used the #EnlightED hashtag.

The Chairman of Telefónica, José María Álvarez Pallete, opened Enlighted with a call to humanitarianism as our companion in the technological transformation that we are experiencing. “It is time to reinvent education. To put people at the centre of the new digital world”, he said in the opening of the international encounter of Education, Innovation, and EdTech celebrated in Madrid, ending on Friday 5th October which was staged by the Fundación Telefónica, IE University, and South Summit. #EnlightED became trending topic on Twitter in Spain.

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Álvarez-Pallete reminded his audience that “we are currently going through an unprecedented technological evolution”. A unique time of extraordinary change which promises a bright future for which the rules have not yet been written, and in which we must constantly rethink, reinvent, and innovate. It is a paradigm shift in which education must play a central role”.

The Chairman of Telefónica underscored the importance of education – driven by technology – as an essential pillar of a better and more equal society, saying that “the digitalisation of education brings new learning methods and allows more and more people, whoever they are, to access knowledge.”

Álvarez-Pallete went on to observe that “technological disruption will generate enormous value”, and appealed to “our shared responsibility with and to future generations to ensure that nobody is left behind, putting people, and their rights and obligations, at the centre of the new digital world”.

Because the fact is that technological disruption is radically transforming the job market. “Many jobs will be lost, but others will be created”, explained Álvarez-Pallete, who believes that it is “essential” to manage the transition, something that can be achieved through education and adequate levels of social cohesion and protection.
Finally, the President of Telefónica recalled that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Augmented Reality and Blockchain are reinventing the educational system. On the same theme, he underlined the significance of the ProFuturo project, “something Telefónica takes great pride in because it transforms lives. Education with a capital E is going to be essential”, he stressed.

Following Álvarez Pallete’s speech, the programme of debates, seminars, and speeches from international experts began. The programme looked at how best to apply a new way of teaching workers from a business perspective in the face of the digital transformation that we are experiencing.