enlightED Awards: Finalists and Winning Start-ups

With the goal of also being a window on the world and a networking space for EdTech start-ups, enlightED called for nominations for prizes for the best in the industry. The ten finalist projects were chosen from more than 615 nominated start-ups.

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Enlighted announced the decision of the winners of the enlightED Awards, which recognise the best start-ups of the #edtech world and for which more than 615 start-ups were nominated.

And the winners are…

– The @Wayra and @telefonica_ed #enlightED Award for ‘The start-up with the best technological solution for learning and training’ is for: SENSE

– The award for the ‘Start-up with the greatest social impact in education”: Lingokids. This project aims to eliminate barriers to high quality language learning.

– The @IEuniversity #enlightED Award for the ‘Best start-up in higher education’ is for: U-PLANNER

The following were among the jury’s criteria: its innovative nature, feasibility, scalability, team profile, and ability to attract investment.

The finalist start-ups will travel to Madrid to present their projects and will, in addition to the prizes at the South Summit competition, vie for the enligthED Awards which include three special prizes:

IE University enlightED Award for the ‘Best start-up in higher education’’
Fundación Telefónica enlightED Award for the ‘Start-up with the greatest social impact in education’.’
 Wayra and Telefónica Digital Education enlightED Award for the ‘Start-up with the best technological solution for learning and training’.’.


BEETOOLS BEETOOLS (Brazil): language school which uses virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data, gamification, and active methodologies, such as Flipped Classroom, to teach students a new language in a modern and very effective manner. The student will only have contact with his/her instructor at the end of the class since the platform is 100% digital.
SENSE  (Madrid): first Artificial Intelligence solution in the world that helps teachers to provide personalised educational comments on large numbers of open tasks.
CAPABALL  (Madrid): the first artificial intelligence (AI) system for the creation of personalised training and learning programs. Its adaptive learning and personalised learning platform searches, identifies, and selects the best online training (videos, podcasts, PDFs, e-books, MOOC…) resources for each user. The search is based on the knowledge, skills, and interests of the user, and progressive achievement of the training objectives.
GLOBAL ALUMNI (Madrid): start-up specialised in the management of online EdTech programs to provide and develop online education capabilities for graduates. In just three years, the start-up has developed a remarkable portfolio of contracts with first-rate international universities such as UCLA, Berkeley, MIT, and ESADE, and has worked for the Harvard Business Online School, George Washington University, and the IESE, among others.
INTERACPEDI (Colombia): Reinvents the connection between universities and organisations, making the projects created by students generate value in society, solving real challenges. Interacpedia is a digital, collaborative, and methodological platform that connects companies, universities, students, government, and companies.
LINGOKIDS: (Madrid) the start-up seeks to eliminate the barriers to high quality language learning for children. Thanks to a structured English learning programme, this self-directed learning platform empowers parents and educators. Lingokids offers a wide selection of more than 450 activities in a variety of formats (including games, videos, songs, audio books, traceables, and offline activities) to help children to explore and discover new material as they progress through self-directed learning.
MYABCKIDS  (Barcelona): a new educational methodology based on adaptive technology to get children to learn basic literacy skills at their own pace and based on their own interests. MyABCKit families can give their children an entertaining app that enables them to choose content that they like in order to learn through personalised experiences.
ODILO  (Murcia): Offers schools, universities, and companies digital content platforms completely personalised with multidisciplinary contents (e-books, audio books, videos, courses, magazines, etc.) intelligently added from thousands of content providers in more than 45 languages. Odilo makes it possible to save time and money on educational content through a smart market that adapts business models, formats, and content providers to match with the needs and budget of each educational organisation.
STACKFUEL  (Germany): Offers affordable and scalable online training sessions for B2B clients in the field of data analysis and data science. Businesses face significant problems in finding talent in the market. Stackfuel helps to improve existing customers, transforming employees into data experts.
TESTWE (France): a secure, offline, and comfortable software for students so that they can focus on their developing their arguments without the pressure of time. Most importantly, the students can take their tests on their own devices; in other words, BYOD. Develops a headache-free platform for teachers and educators so that they can create and grade work on any device, adding as much multimedia content as they want. With TestWe, institutions save up to 2,000 hours of work per year, and 66% in operating costs.
U-PLANNER(Chile): Organisation that provides solutions and support for educational improvement with emphasis on achieving the strategic goals of higher education institutions. It offers a complete set of tools to optimise and improve critical processes such as academic planning, student retention, and curricular management, among others.