“Start to focus on what we as humans can do and what machines can’t” and remember that “happiness is not an algorithm””. 4th October at EnlightED was an inspiring day which can be summarised like this: people’s skills are what move the world You can watch the summary video here:

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What challenges does education face in the age of robots and artificial intelligence? How should we focus learning in the digital age? In short, what is the future? Futurist Gerd Leonhard opened the second day of EnlightED with a speech titled ‘Technology, Humanity and Digital’. In line with the inaugural speech by José María Álvarez Pallete, Chairman of Telefónica, the second day of EnlightED stressed the need to value the skills that only people have.

Under the heading ‘Higher Education & Online Learning’, the day was dedicated to addressing the opportunities that technology offers to higher education: the digital challenges facing Professional Training and Universities, the role that Artificial Intelligence can play, and the social impact of digital education on humanity.

An extensive programme of lectures and round tables that, throughout the day and from different perspectives, addressed the need to reinvent ourselves and to be more flexible to train the talent that businesses seek.

Another aspect highlighted on the second day was the capacity that technology has to democratise society by making it possible to access higher and specialised education in a way that was never before possible. The importance of learning the skills of resilience, conflict resolution, communication, empathy…, was underscored, always taking into account that “happiness is not an algorithm”, as Gerd Leonhard once said.

In the afternoon, after a round table with representatives of leading university projects from around the world, Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez presented his educational project ‘Symphony for Peru’ in an interview with José Mª Sanz Magallón, Chief Executive of the Fundación Telefónica.


The day concluded with the participation of the ProFuturo educational project in a panel session ‘Are emerging markets the Promised Land for EdTech?’

Sofía Fernández de Mesa, Chief Executive of ProFuturo, highlighted the potential of education today and placed great value on the fact that the impact of technology in education can be measured, enabling us to reach children in vulnerable environments more directly. “There are many reasons to be positive about education. We can personalise education as never before”, and all “thanks to technology”, she stressed.