enlightED, an international meeting on Education, Innovation, and EdTech

The Fundación Telefónica, IE University, and South Summit have staged enlightED, an international meeting with the participation of great thinkers and innovators to promote a great debate on education in the digital age. The encounter took place in La Nave de Madrid on 3rd, 4th, and 5th October within the framework of the 2018 South Summit

|     3rd Oct: Company and Training      |     4th Oct: Higher Education      |     5th Oct: Young People and Education      |

If we want to reinvent education in the digital world we must start by asking ourselves the right questions. How is technology transforming education? What opportunities does it offer to facilitate access and to improve learning? Who are the greatest exponents of educational innovation at the moment? What are the challenges in EdTech? What do entrepreneurs think about the education of the future? EnlightED brought global experts together in Madrid between 3rd and 5th October to rethink education in a gathering staged by the Fundación Telefónica, IE University, and South Summit.

EnlightED was held in the La Nave facilities in Madrid within the framework of the 2018 South Summit. Attendees at each event could meet and take part in the programme of the other event. On social media, the gathering used the #Enlighted hashtag and was a trending topic in Spain on 3rd October.

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  • Under the heading ‘Corporate Training & Lifelong Learning’, the programme of the first day of Enlighted focused on the concerns of many companies around the training of the workforce in the face of the digital transformation that we are experiencing. [More information]
  • “Start to focus on what we as humans can do and what machines can’t” and remember that “happiness is not an algorithm””. The second day of EnlightED, strong>’Higher Education & Online Learning’, was an inspiring day which can be summarised like this: people’s skills are what move the world. [More information]
  • ‘Schools and Youth’.On the third and final day, the focus was on how technology can multiply learning in schools: addressing the possibilities of personalisation, languages, artificial intelligence and robotics, but also creativity and the development of students’ skills. [More information]



Thinkers and innovators such as Sir Ken Robinson, Barbara Oakley, Jonathan Zittrain, Maysa Jalbout, and Gerd Leonhard, among many others, participated in this major international event to engage in a major debate on education in the digital age.

“We believe education is the best tool to achieve a

fairer and more equitable society and that technology is the lever to do it”,

(José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman of Telefónica)


“The education of the future will focus on new content, new formats and a leading role

for technology to have a greater impact on people”

(Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, Chairman of IE University)


“Education is key to responding in time to the technological revolution in which we

find ourselves and the pillar to achieving a more equal society.”

(María Benjumea, founder and CEO of Spain Startup – South Summit)



enligthED Awards: a search for the best EdTech start-ups

enlightED also aims to be a window on the world and a networking space for EdTech start-ups; so it launched a special prizes for the ten best international start-ups in the industry, whatever their stage of development. The projects have been chosen from among the more than 615 start-ups nominated for a prize; 58% of them are international and come from more than 40 countries.

The chosen start-ups will be among the finalists at the South Summit and will have the opportunity among the benefits of the prizes to have their own space at the gathering, to increase their visibility, gain access to training, meetings with potential investors and companies looking for innovation, and mentoring.

Meet the winners of the enlightED Awards