Top 100 Innovations


This report, Top-100 Educational Innovations, presents the results of the Education Challenge project.

This is an extensive research project that Fundación Telefónica conducted throughout the year 2014 to identify innovative educational initiatives, that is to say, innovative projects which nevertheless have proven results in the field of science education as a whole. Initiatives that are considered to have the greatest potential for development will be presented, and brief but useful and systematic information will be offered for each of them.

We are confident that these results will be a tool that allows the dissemination of knowledge that we consider to be of great value to the entire educational community and society in general.

Download 'Top 100 Educational Innovations' (English) Descargar 'Top 100 Innovaciones Educativas' (Spanish) Descarregar 'Top 100 Inovaçoes Educativas' (Portugués)