2014 Edition

Fundación Telefónica Challenge (Desafío Fundación Telefónica) is a new educational project focused on searching for innovative proposals in teaching scientific and technological disciplines. So we are starting up a new challenge: promoting initiatives that will encourage an increase in this type of vocation.

One of the big challenges in education in Europe is the unsatisfied demand for professions related to science and technology (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), which contribute significantly to increase the productivity of the economies in the countries around us. This need is especially clear in Spain, where a majority of young people cannot develop their full professional potential.

Looking to respond to this need, the “Fundación Telefónica Challenge” was born, which we would like to make you a part of. Its objective is to identify, give visibility to and open up opportunities to implement the best innovations developed worldwide in connection to this key challenge in education.