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Title The Economy of Cultural Industries in Spanish
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Date September of 2011
The Economy of Cultural Industries in Spanish


The Arts and Letters have always had significant economic consequences, both in terms of business organization and in terms of private or Governmental patronage. Throughout the 20th century, technological advances resulted in mass production and consumption, causing cultural products and entertainment to become genuine "industries", where language plays a key role that transcends national borders. Spanish as a global language emerges as an important drive for the development of our culture. The book begins with a historical introduction in order to understand the transformation from the artisan production of culture to the era of mass consumption of film, theatre, music, books, radio and television, museums…Addressing the current reality, it defines and delimits the industry, studying how each "cultural and creative industry" works, and measures their relative importance in the Spanish economy as a whole. It then analyses the weight of the Spanish language in each cultural and entertainment segment.