SDIE reports
Title The Digital Society in Latin America 2020-2021
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date November of 2021
The Digital Society in Latin America 2020-2021


The global pandemic triggered by COVID-19 has irreversibly accelerated digitization processes, and has shown that networks strengthen and make societies and economic activity resilient. We are now facing the opportunity to underpin the recovery of digital services and applications due to their ability to spur the productivity of companies and boost the competitiveness of the entire productive fabric. The Digital Society in Latin America 2020-2021 report delves into the analysis of the state of digital transformation in the region, reflecting the degree of progress in the different areas and countries.

This work takes into account aspects such as the development of telecommunications infrastructures and the policies necessary to guarantee their deployment, the importance of technology to boost the regional economy, as well as issues related to digital education, changes in the labor market , digital gaps, or the need to have a regulatory framework that favors equal opportunities for all agents that intervene in the digital ecosystem, among many others.