Telos Magazine
Title Telos 120
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date August of 2022
Telos 120


Writing is in crisis. Not because it is obsolete, but because it is mutating. Like so many of our daily activities, it is affected by the development of new technologies that human beings have developed and incorporated into our lives. Writing, a supreme act in our relationship with others, is "representing words or ideas with letters or other signs drawn on paper or another surface", according to the Royal Spanish Academy. Today, each and every one of the elements in the definition is transformed: the words, the ideas, the letters, the signs, the paper and the surfaces.

Writing evolves and the elements that made it, not just a tool but a distinguishing mark of our human condition, condition its development. It changes the value and the meaning of the word, its dimension, its scope, its value; we are reviewing our ideas, our vision of a world that we dominated and in which a virus —an acellular microorganism— has bent the few certainties we thought we had in a society whose principles and values ​​we are rewriting.