Telos Magazine
Title Telos 119. Quantum World
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date May of 2022
Telos 119. Quantum World


We still don't know when or where, but scientists, academics and analysts agree that we are at the dawn of the Second Quantum Revolution. It is determined by the confluence of quantum computing and communication; it represents the application of the laws of physics to the areas of technology that are having the greatest impact on our existence; and it supposes a new way of processing, calculating and transferring information with consequences that are still unforeseeable in our way of life.

The Second Quantum Revolution is a leap; It is not another advance, it is a real disruption, a break with the binary past. The fundamental unit ceases to be the bit and becomes the qubit. We can be in luck: in a world in which complexity is already the norm, quantum computers will help us to go ahead, to predict, to adapt more easily to the changing and now unpredictable environment. The combination of quantum with other transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence or the blockchain opens up a future for us that we must build according to completely new rules.