Telos Magazine
Title Telos 117
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date September of 2021
Telos 117


COVID-19 has shown a reality that we were already experiencing, sometimes consciously and sometimes simply as a consequence of the constant application of technological advances in our lives. Our world is hybrid: it is the product of the combination of a physical, corporeal, analog experience, with a daily practice based on digital technologies, from mobile phones to social networks through basic artificial intelligence and blockchain.

We build spaces, look for solutions, review procedures and thus begin to collectively assume that our own essence, our being, our existence is already hybrid: a combination of technologies, channels and contexts and of feelings, emotions and languages that make up a new life experience.

In the digital society there are borders that disappear, but also barriers that are perpetuated; spaces that open up and others that many will not be able to access without a collaborative effort and collective intelligence. Networks and physical telecommunication equipment are the gateway to a new experience, to a universe in which, thanks to technology, endless opportunities open up. However, neither access to these networks is guaranteed nor is this new world exempt from the risks of exclusion for economic, cultural or ideological reasons.