Telos Magazine
Title Telos 108
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date November of 2017
Telos 108


This number marks the beginning of a new stage of TELOS magazine, which modernizes its design, is deployed in the digital environment with a new web page, lively, participatory and with native content that complements the paper and opens up new topics for a broader spectrum of readers.

The portrait on the cover of the new TELOS 108 is Amber Case, sociologist champion of the calm technologies, which defends cooperation against the imposition of human beings' relationships with machines. Humans should not act as robots and technological development must be guided, under ethical and moral principles, to give us back our time so that we are freer and more creative.

The central dossier of the magazine is dedicated to the digital human and includes contents on human expansion beyond the Earth, thinking machines and domesticable humans and about new forms of work organization within the digital age.