Value of Spanish
Title Spanish, Language of Scientific Communication
Author Coords. José Luis García Delgado, José Antonio Alonso and Juan Carlos Jiménez
Date November of 2013
Spanish, Language of Scientific Communication


This, the twelfth work issued as part of the project, The Economic Value of Spanish, sponsored by Fundación Telefónica, is dedicated to the analysis of Spanish as a scientific language. The book is in three parts. The first part contains three studies related to the role of Spanish in each of the three great fields of knowledge. First, it explores the extensive territory of the social sciences; secondly, the area of the natural sciences, biomedical sciences and technical disciplines; and, thirdly, the humanities.

The second part offers two contributions that flesh out the previous chapters from two complementary points of view. The first is a bibliometric study of scientific publications in Spanish in each of the great areas of knowledge; and the other a study of the role of Spanish in making international universities attractive. Finally, the third part presents a summary of the opinions offered by fifteen experts.