SDIE reports
Title Digital Society in Spain 2020-2021
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date May of 2021
Digital Society in Spain 2020-2021


The year 2020 has been a before and after in the world in which we live. For the first time in recent times, a global pandemic has forced a large part of the world's population to confine and limit the free movement of people. Thanks to digital technologies, a not inconsiderable part of economic activity could continue to function on the networks and teleworking became the norm to guarantee continuity. Spain has passed the litmus test imposed by the crisis, which has highlighted the robustness of its communications infrastructures, which have been able to withstand a sudden and unexpected increase in network traffic.

This edition of the Digital Society in Spain report delves into the analysis of the effects of COVID-19 on the technological habits of Spanish companies and citizens, and reflects, at the same time, the state of development of infrastructures and telecommunications services, as well as the degree of progress in innovation and the deployment of the main cutting-edge technologies.

As in previous years, this work is based on three sources of information: that from the main indicators on the digital ecosystem, both national and international, another that emanates from customer surveys of Telefónica's business units and, finally, one territorial vision from the autonomous communities.

Digital Society in Spain aims to reflect the path that our country is following to become a networked society, a transformation that has been accelerated by the health crisis that presents numerous challenges, the most important of which is ensuring that no one is left behind, ensuring an inclusive transition.