SDIE reports
Title Digital Society in Spain 2019
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date May of 2020
Digital Society in Spain 2019


We are living a transformation process that leads us to a connected digital society. Spain is undergoing far-reaching changes derived from an unprecedented technological revolution that is spreading throughout the world. For yet another year, Fundación Telefónica has carried out a rigorous study on the progress of the digital transition in our country. The Digital Society in Spain report, in addition to reflecting the indicators that highlight the state of development of infrastructure and telecommunications services, delves into the analysis of how this great wave of innovation is reshaping the national society and economy.

The 2019 edition of the report highlights topics such as the challenges and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence, blockchain technology as guarantor of the relations between different parts within a virtual world, the advantages in terms of productivity that new smart factories achieve of Industry 4.0, or how more and more aspects of our lives are spent in the cyberspace sphere.

Digital Society in Spain seeks to establish a faithful image of how our country is becoming a networked society, highlighting the achievements made, but also highlighting the challenges we face in not leaving anyone on the road, guaranteeing a transition inclusive that, beyond technology, is people-centered.