26 june 2020 - 4 April 2021

Gila speaking

Pioneer, genius: this small format exhibition is our tribute to that great comedian, Miguel Gila. To that “other way” he had of doing things, to leaving a completely new mark on the world.

26 june 2020 - 10 january 2021

Bill Viola. Mirrors of the Invisible

This exhibition offers a broad overview of the video artist’s career and a reflection on the human condition and the passing of time.

From 11 Oct to 23 Feb 2020

Intangibles. A digital exhibition from the Telefónica Collection

Is it possible to have an art exhibition without the physical works of art? Is it possible to be moved without seeing the artistic object itself? ‘Intangibles. A digital exhibition from the Telefónica Collection' is an innovative experimental project that invites us to ponder these questions through the reinterpretation of works by artists from the Telefónica Collection.

From 25 Sep to 12 Jan 2020

Video games. The two sides of the screen

The exhibition explores the limits between the physical and virtual worlds in a journey through the video game industry, in which we delve into its economic, socio-cultural and scientific.