Espacio FT Madrid

28 october 2021 - 17 april 2022

'The Great Imagination. Histories of the Future'

Each era has had its own vision of the future which, to a large extent, has been conditioned by the environment that feeds it. This exhibition aims to offer a reflection upon the future.

16 jun 2021 - 10 jan 2022

'Colour. The knowledge of the invisible'

The heart of the exhibition is dedicated to a colour range that is fertile ground for ideas related to religion, power, industrial development and social habits. #EspacioColor

11 feb - 26 sept 2021

'Joanie Lemercier. Landscapes of light'

In her first important solo exhibition in Spain, the artist immerses the viewer in a journey through different landscapes that transport us from a view of clean abstract lines.

26 june 2020 - 4 April 2021

Gila speaking

Pioneer, genius: this small format exhibition is our tribute to that great comedian, Miguel Gila. To that “other way” he had of doing things, to leaving a completely new mark on the world.

Permanent Exhibition

The History of Telecommunications

A permanent exhibition showing the evolution of remote communication, with a special emphasis on telephony in Spain.

Permanent Exhibition

Instagramers Gallery Madrid

A permanent exhibition project consisting of mainly unknown photographs.

26 june 2020 - 10 january 2021

Bill Viola. Mirrors of the Invisible

This exhibition offers a broad overview of the video artist’s career and a reflection on the human condition and the passing of time.