Espacio FT Madrid

20 may - 20 november 2022

'Liam Young. Worldbuilding'

In this exhibition, we bring together the Australian creator’s most outstanding works –known for the captivating visions of his imaginary worlds– in the form of video installations.

23 february - 25 september 2022

'Connections in the Telefónica Collection', in Madrid

The focus of this exhibition is to create that surprising vessel where formal, conceptual or aesthetic relationships produced between the works in the Telefónica Collection converge.

3 november 2021 - 17 april 2022

'The great imagination. Stories from the Future'

This exhibition seeks to offer a reflection on the future. To understand how we thought about the future in the past and why, and what alternative futures we can imagine today.

16 jun 2021 - 10 jan 2022

'Colour. The knowledge of the invisible'

The heart of the exhibition is dedicated to a colour range that is fertile ground for ideas related to religion, power, industrial development and social habits. #EspacioColor

11 feb - 26 sept 2021

'Joanie Lemercier. Landscapes of light'

In her first important solo exhibition in Spain, the artist immerses the viewer in a journey through different landscapes that transport us from a view of clean abstract lines.

26 june 2020 - 4 April 2021

Gila speaking

Pioneer, genius: this small format exhibition is our tribute to that great comedian, Miguel Gila. To that “other way” he had of doing things, to leaving a completely new mark on the world.

Permanent Exhibition

The History of Telecommunications

A permanent exhibition showing the evolution of remote communication, with a special emphasis on telephony in Spain.

Permanent Exhibition

Instagramers Gallery Madrid

A permanent exhibition project consisting of mainly unknown photographs.

26 june 2020 - 10 january 2021

Bill Viola. Mirrors of the Invisible

This exhibition offers a broad overview of the video artist’s career and a reflection on the human condition and the passing of time.