26 june 2020 - 10 january 2021

Bill Viola. Mirrors of the Invisible

This exhibition offers a broad overview of the video artist’s career and a reflection on the human condition and the passing of time.

09 February de 2024 - 28 de July 2024

Windows to the future

Espacio Fundación Telefónica presents 'Windows to the Future', an exhibition that includes six large audiovisual installations that invite us to imagine scenarios of futures far removed from the most conventional stereotypes of science fiction, from an optimistic and inspiring point of view

23 de November de 2023 - 05 de May de 2024

Expanded world. Between the physical and the virtual

An exhibition that explores simulated worlds, their background, ethical, philosophical, legal, social and economic implications.

20 may - 20 november 2022

Liam Young. Building Worlds

In this exhibition, we bring together the Australian creator’s most outstanding works –known for the captivating visions of his imaginary worlds– in the form of video installations.

Permanent Exhibition

Instagramers Gallery Madrid

A permanent exhibition project consisting of mainly unknown photographs.