Thinking Party 2013: Mobility

Fecha: March 20, 2013

Lugar: Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar, Barcelona

We have become used to having access to communication and information any time and anywhere. This major change in our perception of reality has been due to mobile telephony, which is, along with the Internet, a major socially influential technological phenomenon. The confluence of these two phenomena in smartphones is really changing the world.

Because Barcelona is the world capital of mobile telephony, we wanted Fundación Telefónica’s first Thinking Party held in this city to be dedicated to “how mobile telephony has changed our everyday lives”. And, as is usual at our Thinking Parties, we will do so from a variety of perspectives and make a celebration of it.

We chosed 20 March to hold the event, seeking to make this Thinking Party coincide with the passing from winter to spring, symbolising our optimism for the future.

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Thinking Party 2013: Mobility
Thinking Party 2013: Mobility