Rethinking tomorrow: ‘Your diet can save the planet’

4 June 2021, 7 p.m. In-person and streamed online.
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#TuDietaPuedeSalvarElPlaneta RepensandoElMañana

Are we destroying the planet with our food? At this new Rethinking Tomorrow event, Aitor Sánchez, a dietitian, nutritionist and food technologist, reflects on the relationship between food and climate change. On the occasion of the publication of his book ‘Tu dieta puede salvar el planeta’ [‘Your Diet Can Save the Planet’] (Paidós), we talk about what changes we can make to protect the environment.


Are we destroying the planet with our food? According to the scientific data, the answer is yes. We continue our thought forum Rethinking Tomorrow with an event dedicated to reflecting on how food and climate change are related and what changes we can make to safeguard the environment for the future.

Coinciding with the publication of his latest book ‘Tu dieta puede salvar el planeta’ [‘Your Diet Can Save the Planet’] (Paidós), we welcome to the auditorium the author Aitor Sánchez, dietitian, nutritionist, food technologist and writer of the bestseller ‘Mi dieta cojea’ [‘My Diet is Making me Sick’]. He speaks to Lucía Martínez, a nutritionist and science populariser, to find out how, in today’s world, something as routine as buying food can condemn or save the planet; it is up to us to become aware and make more responsible decisions to safeguard it.

To do this, we need to analyse how we got to this point, where the environmental stakes are high, and delve into each of the factors that have led us here. The carbon footprint generated by the number of miles our food travels, the cost of producing it, the way we farm animals, the social effects of unhealthy foods and the repercussions of plastic packaging are some of the topics we will cover. We will also suggest alternatives to promote the change towards responsible consumption.

The event, pre-recorded on the website (spanish):

#RepensandoElMañana is an ambitious initiative that aims to provide an overview of what the world will be like poscovid-19 and what challenges and opportunities we will face, with particular emphasis on topics like digital culture, education, climate change and sustainability.

The event was interpreted into Spanish Sign Language and was streamed on our website and on social media with the hashtags #RepensandoElMañana y #TuDietaPuedeSalvarElPlaneta.

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Aitor Sánchez (@Midietacojea)

Aitor Sánchez is a dietitian, nutritionist and food technologist. He has been a researcher at the University of Granada, the University of Bristol, and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. In 2011, he made his first foray into the world of science popularisation with his blog <>, from where he went on to appear on Spanish national radio and TV channels like La2, La Sexta and RTVE.

He is also the co-founder of Aleris, a chain of nutrition centres, does a lot of work in the field of science popularisation, and is a professor at various universities. He is the author of the bestsellers Mi dieta cojea  [‘My Diet is Making Me Sick’] and Mi dieta ya no cojea[‘My Diet’s Not Making Me Sick Any More’], and the co-author, together with Lucía Martínez, of the book on children’s nutrition ¿Qué le doy de comer? [‘What Do I Feed Them?’], all published by Paidós.

Photo: © Beatriz Tafaner


Lucía Martínez (@Dimequecomes)

She has a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, an official master’s degree in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition and a postgraduate degree in Nutrition in Special Physiological Situations and Alternative Diets, and has also studied professional cookery. Her career began in the catering industry where she worked as a chef. She later went on to train as a dietitian and nutritionist.

Currently, she is a speaker, trainer and consultant in nutrition, cooking, food and health. She is a founding partner of the Aleris Nutrition Centre and has written two books: Vegetarianos con ciencia [‘Vegetarians with Science’] (2016) and Vegetarianos concienciados [‘Informed Vegetarians’] (2018), the latter published by Paidós. She is also a frequent media speaker and the author of the blog


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Rethinking tomorrow: ‘Your diet can save the planet’
Rethinking tomorrow: ‘Your diet can save the planet’