Living in a Sea of Data 2015

Between March 2015 and May 2015, Fundación Telefónica is holding the third edition of its ‘Living in a Sea of Data’ talks. This series of talks coincides with the Big Bang Data exhibition, which is now coming to Madrid after its resounding success at the CCCB in Barcelona.
The talks will investigate global tendencies in Big Data, how it is used by big corporations, and its specific applications in the areas of health, sports and marketing.
In this new round of talks, data will be discussed and experimented with. We will measure health and happiness (yes, using data) and the HackMadrid experiment will be conducted, which aims to involve the public in an ambitious collective intelligence project to create a better city together. For a month Twitter will be used to identify the happiest city in Spain, as well as a map of spring allergies. The conclusions drawn from these experiments will be analysed at the last ‘Living in a Sea of Data’ session.
SESSION 1 – 24 March: Big Data, a global look
We will take a look at the situation Europe is living in the processing and analysis of big data, as well as the most spectacular research projects being conducted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre. For the first time we will be delving into the world of politics to find out the position of Congress on this new industry. We will get to know the new science of data, with the help of Bruno Cendón from TST Sistemas we will learn about the new concept of the Industrial Internet (the combination of Big Data and the Internet of Things). We will also invite the public in the auditorium to participate by using their mobile devices.
SESSION 2 – 29 April: Big Data, the Internet of Things and Large Corporations
In this session we will find out the positioning of big corporations in the new data industry and the Industrial Internet. What is being done with Big Data at large companies? How is it providing business solutions and facilitating growth? We will be taking the conversation on data to the highest level of business. For the first time we will assemble with the top management of important corporations to talk about Big Data and the Internet of Things. A unique opportunity to find out the strategic vision of leading companies.
Lucía Álvarez, Director of IBM Business Analytics for Spain, Israel, Greece and Portugal. After obtaining a Degree in Mathematics, Lucía joined IBM in 2000 as an E-Business manager. She later developed her career in the technological services division of Digital Equipment Corporation.
SESSION 3 – 27 May: Big Data, the Internet of Things and practical applications
The last session of Living in a Sea of Data will be dedicated to applications. We will stop and take stock of not only the use of big data, but also the Internet of Things (IoT) and how the use of wearables is changing our lives, as well as their uses in health, tourism, sports or marketing.
What’s more, the HackMadrid experiment will take place. This experiment aims to involve citizens in an ambitious project on collective intelligence through the use of their mobiles, with the goal of creating a better city together. Coinciding with the start of spring aspects such as happiness and health will be monitored for a month using Twitter to discover Spain’s happiest city.

Living in a Sea of Data 2015
Living in a Sea of Data 2015