Fecha: June 2015

Lugar: Espacio Fundación Telefónica Madrid

We debate how the inclusion of ICT in the microfinance sector has facilitated the response to the needs of the most disadvantaged groups.
In this panel discussion it was debated how the microfinance sector is making the lives of the most disadvantaged groups easier and how it has included innovative mechanisms to design financial products and services that respond to the needs of these individuals.
The microfinance sector endeavours to deal with all of the needs inherent to the everyday life of people with limited resources, historically excluded by the finance sector due to being considered high-risk profiles with reduced profitability. The inclusion of ICT has allowed substantial improvements to be made in the main functions of microfinance operations. Without a doubt, investments made in Information and Communication Technology are essential in order to control the risks and break down obstacles that arise when dealing with people with limited resources.
– Introduction given by Emilio Gilolmo, Vice Executive President of the Telefónica Foundation.
– Speakers:
Fernando Jiménez Ontiveros, General Acting Manager and Sub-Manager of FOMIN Operations
Eduardo Navarro de Carvalho, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer of TELEFÓNICA S.A.
Emilio Ontiveros, AFI President.
– Moderator: Rafael Luque, Journalist

How ICT is helping the microfinance sector
How ICT is helping the microfinance sector