New Realities


March 17 - June 19, 2016

Espacio Fundación Telefónica. Lima. Peru

“It is no longer about logging on or off, but rather living within and creating harmony with the realms and constructs of digital technology and the internet for our newest generation of inhabitants.” Mark Dorf, 2013.

The New Realities Project is an ongoing exploration of how the internet and technological advances have changed our perception of the world, opening up new possibilities for artistic and creative expression. The exhibition showcases the work of 12 contemporary artists and designers in three themed areas.

The first area, El Ser Humano Expandido (the Human Being Extended), explores the fundamental shift suffered by the human identity. Even though we are avid users of building virtual “incorporeal” people, alter egos or avatars, critical reflection through artistic work is fundamental to deepen the impact these new practices have on society. Artists such as LaTurbo Avedon and Karolina Sobecka ask important questions about the construction/deconstruction of our identity and the dichotomy between the physical and the virtual.

Another important aspect of the new reality we live in is the computer. That machine which was once created by human beings is now capable of acting as an independent agent, posing existential questions. The themed area The Humans Created the Machine and the Machine Created… introduces semi-autonomous entities such as the robot gEOF by Jan de Coster which will take on the human role of exhibition photographer.

The boundaries of physical presence, space and shape are also undergoing major changes. Brave New Worlds examines how the digital representation of natural space is not necessarily a reflection of its physical representation. And in the virtual world, artists such as Lawrence Lek construct simulated spaces, fascinating new worlds where our understanding of presence and placement is distorted. However, it may be that those who grow up with this new reality are not confused by it and that it may be just part of their own reality.

The theorist Marshall McLuhan argued that artists are always ahead of technology, offering us clues to understand the impact these technologies will have in the days ahead. Our objective for this journey through contemporary art and creativity is to share new perspectives on the reality in which we live and to anticipate the future towards which we are headed. A future in which we can decide which role to play in order to leave a harmonious world for future generations.