Transmedia and New Digital Content

Transmedia narrative and convergent culture are an emerging reality and are both cause and effect of change. This calls for careful public reflection on these topics.



Date: October 2014
Location: Espacio Fundación Telefónica - Madrid


In order to present a suitable context for dialogue, the event once again took the form of a laboratory of ideas dedicated to the present and future of transmedia creation.

In technological terms, a year is a significant space of time. Therefore, the last edition is a compilation of the breakthroughs seen in the past 365 days. However, the aim is to go further: what we seek is to explore the consequences DIGITAL ENVIRONMENTS (represented by TRANSMEDIA NARRATIVE) have for our society.

And of course, the idea is to do so from a MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVE, in which the voices of different players and figures explain first-hand how the paths opening up before us were first discovered and taken.