Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Santillana analyze the future of education policies

On 30 September, Fundación Telefónica together with Fundación Santillana, organized a Seminar on Education Policies, where the report Educational policies 2015 in perspective: making reforms possible. The Fundación Santillana collaborates actively with various International Organizations, including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in editing and disseminating education reports and assessments carried out by these entities, throughout Latin American and Spain.

Fundación Santillana and Fundación Telefónica signed an agreement on 23 September, to coordinate strategies and activities to contribute to improving education and processes of pedagogic and methodology changes occurring as a result of the use of technology. It is also to strengthen and qualify school leadership. The area of application of this agreement is Spain and all Latin American countries, in which both institutions have head offices and where they develop activities. This agreement has great strategic value as it coordinates the efforts of both foundations, which are leaders for their reputation, social projection, geographic presence and activity in the Ibero-American Community of Nations.

The aim of the publication presented is to help political and education leaders learn how their colleagues of other countries have reacted to common challenges, and report on the results achieved. The report revises in detail approximately 450 education reforms, adopted by countries of the OECD between 2008 and 2014. It provides abundant, valuable and useful information to make proposals and effective decision-making to improve education.

Participants in the talk held after the presentation of the report, included leading political representatives of different parties of the Community of Madrid: Sandra Moneo, representative in the Congress of Deputies, spokesperson for Education of the Popular Party, Ángel Gabilondo, spokesperson of the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Assembly of Madrid, Sandra Mínguez, Coordinator of Education of the PODEMOS party, and María Teresa de la Iglesia Vicente, spokesperson for Education and Sport of the Citizens Parliamentary Group in the Assembly of Madrid. The event was chaired by Susana Pérez de Pablos, section editor of the El País newspaper.

The report can be downloaded free of charge in Spanish in our web  or it can be read on line in English at the OECD website.