New Smart School with Samsung in Argentina

Aimed at stimulating teachers to discover innovative ways of classroom learning, the Argentina foundation has signed an agreement with Samsung to open the Smart School classroom in the Fundación Telefónica of Buenos Aires. Within the framework of the foundation educational programme, this initiative offers free Educational Innovation workshops based on creativity and technological inclusion in the classroom.

“We stimulate teachers to discover new ways of teaching and learning in the classroom”
The opening ceremony took place on 27 August. Participants included SangJik Lee, president of Samsung, and Cynthia Giolito, managing director of Corporate Citizenship of Samsung, José Luis Rodríguez Zarco, general manager of Institutional Relations, Communication and Corporate Image of the Telefónica Group, and Agustina Catone, manager of Fundación Telefónica in Argentina.

Agustina Catone commented: “From Fundación Telefónica, we stimulate teachers to discover new ways of teaching and learning in the classroom. In this sense, the agreement with Samsung is a great opportunity to approach the educational community”.

The Educational Innovation workshops of Fundación Telefónica and Samsung will bring interactive technology to educators, stimulating learning that leads to creativity and develops innovation as the necessary skills for teachers in the digital age.

Throughout the year, four face-to-face workshops will be organized, designed by the Learning Technologies Laboratory of the Educational School of Universidad de San Andrés, where Samsung technology and Fundación Telefónica devices will be used, to look deeper into different subjects of the school curriculum.

Interactive Citizen Science” will be the first workshop to be developed. It will be followed by “Digital Reading and Writing”, “Social Studies without Sanata” and “Minecraft for teaching”.

An attendance certificate will be given by Fundación Telefónica, Samsung and Universidad de San Andrés for the training, which will use interactive technology and does not require prior enrolment.