We continue to be disruptive in the field of disabilities and sports. Together with Special Olympics Madrid we have created the First Unified eSports Championship for people with and without intellectual disabilities. It will take place on Saturday 2 June with the participation of 32 teams supported by Telefónica Volunteers.

  1. Sport is a right of all human beings, necessary for their development and health, and for the well-being of both individuals and society.


  1. We believe that #UnifiedeSports must differentiate themselves from professional eSports in their objectives and philosophy. #UnifiedeSports must be governed by the values that are promoted by sport, leaving results in the background.


  1. We understand that participation, integration, socialisation, and education in values must prevail over results in #UnifiedeSports.


  1. The practice of eSports must be fundamentally aimed at the human, psychological, and social development of those who play them.


  1. The acceptance of difference and the inclusion of all is essential in the development of an open and democratic society. Sport is the best vehicle for integration, and playing sport creates interpersonal relationships through shared leisure activities.
  2. The promotion and practice of unified sports is not exclusive to disability organisations, but rather is relevant to all organisations that share their values and want a better world.


  1. #UnifiedeSports are based on the philosophy of Unified Sports, based on playing sport to promote socialisation. Therefore, eSports will be played in teams consisting of people with and without intellectual disabilities who play on equal terms and with adapted rules.


  1. Video games approved for playing #UnifiedeSports modality must comply with the following characteristics:
    – Be a game considered eSports
    – Be a cooperative or team game
    – Be a non-violent game.


  1. eSports will always be supported by experts in sports and intellectual disabilities, who will aim to ensure compliance with the goals of eSports.


  1. In their purpose of integrating and socialising, #UnifiedeSports will offer, whenever possible, sport based on the video games that people play. Thus promoting improvement in fitness and health.