Finalists of the #PremiosVoluntariado

Projects that stand out for their differential value, led by associations, companies and individuals, which place value on volunteer work in Spain. A total of 339 projects were presented for the Fundación Telefónica Awards, of which the judges selected a total of three finalists for each category.

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Recognises those persons, projects or programmes that stand out for their differential value.

Grandes vecinos
(Great Neighbours)

Re-creates traditional neighbourhood solidarity to prevent the loneliness of the elderly by putting them in contact with residents registered with the project in their neighbourhood.


Toma & Daca
(Give and Take)

Encourages the integration of refugees and immigrants through volunteering, increasing their self-esteem and sense of belonging.

The Sé Esperanza Project
(Be Hope project)

Esperanza Castro García, a resident the Pozo del Tío Raimundo neighbourhood, makes it possible to more than 700 local residents to have a decent meal.


The recognition is aimed at a volunteer project or programme promoted by non-profit organisations with headquarters in Spain.

Proyecto Hombre
(The Mankind Project)

Promotes the motivation and resources of volunteers at the national network of Proyecto Hombre centres to better carry out their work.


Yayos la Xinxeta
(la Xinxeta Grandparents)

Acoge a menores con una grave discapacidad y en régimen de tutela y les garantiza una salida de ocio acompañados por los Yayos.

Down Madrid

Project that provides support to people with Down’s Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities so that they can carry out volunteer activities.



Recognises volunteer work projects developed or led by companies, placing great value on their social contribution by mobilising their employees.

Infraestructuras sociales
(Social infrastructures)

Project that improves and extends the access to water and sanitation in vulnerable communities in Africa and Latin America, providing funds and technical support.

Airbus Foundation

Initiative that contributes to the academic, career and life success of young people in different circumstances in the final stages of secondary and vocational school.

Hazlo Verde
(Green it)

Environmental awareness programme aimed at children on the importance of forming sustainable and environmentally friendly habits.



Raises the awareness of projects developed in the field of education in Spain and involving students in non-profit volunteer organisations.

Share the Light

Vocational students use their technical expertise to help in ‘City of Joy’, a community that offers a safe home to young African women.

Ruta Siete ULPGC
(Route Seven ULPGC)

A “solidarity adventure” in which 45 university students travel around the Canary Islands, in an experience of exchange and connection with the problems of the planet.


Inspira Steam

Encourages STEAM vocations among girls, with awareness and guidance activities led by voluntary professionals.



Places value on communication initiatives that stand out for their scope and value in the task of awareness and dissemination of volunteer work.

Centro penitenciario

A television report by the programme ‘Página Dos’, which gives an account of the charitable volunteer work in the development of the inmate population.

Héroes anónimos
(Unsung Heroes)

Programme by RTV Castilla-La Mancha that portrays many people who struggle and strive to help others.

Día solidario empresas
(Corporate Solidarity Day)

Promotes corporate volunteering and awareness of real problems within the business world.


The Awards Panel consists of representatives from the Fundación Telefónica and from chosen noteworthy institutions from social, business, and communication sectors, associated with volunteering in Spain. There is also a Technical Committee of experts to support the analysis and pre-selection of candidates for submission to the Judges. The initiatives were evaluated according to these eight criteria:

1. Prominence or strategic relevance of the volunteer initiative
2. Support and training to volunteers
3. Awareness and dissemination of the volunteering
4. Soundness of the initiative
5. Integration of other parties/stakeholders in the volunteering initiative
6. Social impact of the volunteers actions
7. Innovation
8. Use of tools and digital environments