20 Keys to Education for 2020

Author: Telefonica Foundation
Date: 05-12-2013


What changes must be made in education to make it meet the social, economic and technological needs of the 21st century? What role will teachers, families and students themselves play in this challenge?

In 2012, Fundación Telefónica set itself the challenge of answering the question of what education should be like in the 21st century, and endeavoured to find the answers by hosting a mass, open debate that covered all of Latin America and lasted 18 months.

Based on 200 virtual classrooms with more than 50,000 teachers from 9 countries and 70 on-site events with more than 9,000 attendees, along with contributions by 300 international speakers, we have selected the 20 key points that we consider to be essential for the educational success of the generations that are now embarking on the learning process.

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