Telecommunications and the New Digital World in Spain. The Contribution by Standard Eléctrica

Author: Ángel Calvo
Date: 01-04-2014


This is the first scientific study on the telecommunications industry in Spain in its voyage towards a digital world. The book culminates the work with objectivity and a passion for the period that starts with the initial stages of telephony and which ends with the beginning of the market opening. Its pages explain the landmarks on the path followed by a recent sector in the Spanish industrial panorama, pulling through a variety of political situations. Here, the emblematic Standard Eléctrica, attached to the ITT multinational, stands out as a subsidiary created to supply the world and the domestic market with equipment, in which the Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España played a primordial role.

Rich and varied sources, including some very rare, along with an interdisciplinary focus, allow a very solid work to be forged in which a simple explanation of facts is complemented with an analysis. The history of the communication sector is conjugated with the history of the country to form the perfect whole that is this unmissable piece of work.

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