HISTORY OF TELEFÓNICA: Technology, Economics and Politics

Author: .
Date: 16-02-2011


This book traces the origins and first development of a company which, as well as being long-lived, is now at its peak. Telefónica. It brings out, with great attention to detail and precision based on numerous and different files, including that of Telefónica, a story that is spread over a long period of time, complex, full of events, exciting.  Since its creation in 1924, Telefónica has been responsible for the extension and modernisation of the telephone service in Spain and, without a doubt, the process of development of Telefónica Spain over the last one hundred years has marked its indelible stamp. The leading men and women in the adventure occupy a central space in the pages of this interdisciplinary study, which joins technology, politics and economy. The book is the result of a passion to create knowledge, spread it and discuss it in society, shared by Fundación Telefónica and by the author, committed to delving in depth into the roots of the events in order to give them their true dimension.

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