Privacy Policy


Fundación Telefónica hereby informs users of the portal that comply fully with current legislation relating to personal data protection, the privacy of users and the confidentiality and security of personal data.
To this end, it implements all technical and organisational measures required to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access or loss of the personal data provided, in accordance with the state of technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which the data is exposed.

Fundación Telefónica hereby informs users of the portal that their personal data shall only be obtained for processing when this is appropriate, pertinent and not excessive in relation to the scope and explicit legitimate purpose for which the data is obtained. The data will be erased when it has ceased to be necessary or relevant to this end, or when the owner of the data exercises their right to cancel the data.

When personal data is collected on the website, the user shall always be clearly and unequivocally informed beforehand of the following:

  • The existence of a file or the processing of the personal data collected, the reasons why the data is being collected and who will receive the information.
  • The recording of the file with the Data Protection Agency Register.
  • Whether answers to any questions asked are required or optional, together with the consequences of the Company obtaining the data, or of any refusal to provide such data.
  • The possibility to exercise the right to access, rectify, cancel or object to the information.
  • The identity and address of the person responsible for processing the data.

The user shall be solely responsible in the event of providing false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated data.

Any assignment of the user’s personal data to third parties shall be duly communicated to the persons affected, specifying the identity of the parties to whom the data will be assigned and the purpose of such assignment.