13/06/2023 New

The 42 Barcelona Fundación Telefónica campus hosts The Cod¡Go! Cup, the programming tournament sponsored by the Princess of Girona Foundation

For 48 hours, the 42 Barcelona facilities hosted this tournament, which was the final phase of a competition that began at the end of May and in which 141 participants registered.

28/12/2022 New

Learn to program for free at Campus 42. Don't think twice, sign up!

Learn for free at the 42 programming campuses to boost your digital skills, and improve your professional profile and the most in-demand skills in the labour market.

14/10/2022 New

How to prevent droughts using Artificial Intelligence

Key examples of how good use of technology and artificial intelligence in particular can resolve the drought, one of the most problematic effects of climate change in 2022.

05/10/2022 New

Free training in Amazon Web Services cloud with Campus 42

The certified people will have the opportunity to join the acens team, the centre specialising in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology from Telefónica Tech.

26/09/2022 New

More than 100 women learn programming thanks to the free training of ’42’

Around a hundred women experience the 'Piscine Discovery Women's Edition' at the 42 programming campuses in Barcelona and Urduliz.

26/09/2022 New

2,000 students will learn programming for free on our campus 42

Some knowledge that will prepare students for the new digital professions demanded in the workplace.

01/08/2022 New

Successful turnout at the free cybersecurity bootcamp 42

Discover the keys to the success of the free cybersecurity bootcamps, designed to improve your digital skills in digital security.