We continue helping young people to find a job, but this time via our space on LinkedIn.

Everyone Included

Fundación Telefónica’s Youth Employment Programme in Spain

linkedin-empleo-0k-340x300Our continued commitment to supporting young people.

LinkedIn is joining us to start up this new project as part of our Youth Employment Programme to help increase the visibility of active job seekers and improve their opportunities for professional and personal development within and outside the network.

A project for young unemployed people who are actively seeking work. Find us on the networks at #LinkedIncluidos



Our aim is to continue helping young people, but this time via our space on LinkedIn.

Our Community Manager expert on employment will be responsible for information, training and motivation on this platform. It will also benefit from the support of HR professionals to help the young people taking part in this project to effectively develop and put into practice their skills, knowledge and expertise.


Every member of the Youth Employment Programme of Fundación Telefónica on LinkedIn,  will benefit from:

– Personal advice: personalized professional advice from our Community Manager to build and optimize a profile on LinkedIn and tips on how to find work in this space.

– Content of interest on employability: part of the space on this social network includes our corporate page “Fundación Telefónica Employment Programme”, on which we will regularly post dynamic content on employability: videos, news and information capsules.

– Special interest advisory groups: membership of different training groups involving RH experts and consultants who will provide useful information and advice that all the participants will be able to put to use in their job searches.

– Contacts with companies: we can facilitate contacts with the HR managers of companies which might be interested in our member´s particular professional profiles.

“HR experts will provide information and useful advice”


– On-site sessions:  networking sessions we hold several Spanish cities.

– Skills recognition: our Community Manager will recognize the skills of the most active participants in the Programme.


All unemployed young people from Spain who are actively seeking work and want to form part of our community; HR professionals; companies; institutions; and anyone with an interest in helping to improve the employability of our young people.