‘Everyone Included’ Hackathon

Organised by Fundación Telefónica and Telefónica R+D in collaboration with the Girls in Tech group, the 'Everyone Included' Hackathon aims to narrow the gender gap in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and foster teamwork and diversity in these work environments, where women are a minority.


The ‘Everyone Included’ hackathon took place during 2015 and consisted of three collaborative meetings for programmers and developers scheduled  in three cities: Madrid, Granada and Barcelona.

In each city, the meetings involved 40 people in 10 mixed teams that had to solve challenges by putting creativity and technology at the service of society. All participants became part of Telefónica’s job bank.

During the `Everyone Included´ hackathon, we provided participants with all the technology (hardware and software) they need to extend their own applications and services to the physical world, breaking down the barriers of the internet as we know it. The hackathon showed participants how to create an end-to-end IoT application, i.e. from when devices are deployed physically to the development of applications that use all the information collected via a commercial platform.

The hackathon challenge revolves around the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things seeks to extend the limit of the Internet as we know it to the physical world. This is usually achieved by deploying sets of sensors and actuators to enable interaction between the two worlds.

Participants were provided with a set of sensors and actuators based on Thinking Things technology and an instance of the IoT platform (FIWARE-compliant), simplifying the interconnection between devices and the Net. Both solutions are part of Telefónica’s current IoT product portfolio.

The challenge consisted of two different parts: on the one hand, participants were given guidelines on how to connect their Thinking Things to the platform and they were shown how the information can be exploited by data-viewing tools that can be accessed from the Internet, creating mashups/dashboards or map views.

The second part of the challenge focused on the creation of an application (web/mobile/desktop), with an open theme, capable of taking advantage of the sensors and the information provided from the exploitation of the platform APIs, primarily OrionContext Broker, the cornerstone of all of Telefónica’s IoT architectures.