Compatibility with standards

The Accessibility Guidelines and General Principles of Accessible Design established by the W3C’s WAI working group are respected in every part of the Fundación Telefónica website.

This website has been adapted to the Accessible Content Guidelines for Web 1.0, Double-A level.

Every page of this website has been created in accordance with the Recommendation XHTML 1.0 of theW3C for web development with a structured and semantic mark up.

The presentation layer has been developed in accordance with the Recommendation of the W3C on Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2 (CSS2).



Fundación Telefónica has tried to ensure that browsing this website is as simple and intuitive as possible by using a similar structure for all its pages.

Access Key

“Access keys” are key combinations which enable access to the website’s content without using a mouse.

The way in which access keys are activated depends on the operating system and browser used.
The most common key sequences are:

In Windows, with Internet Explorer: ALT+ access key+ ENTER
In Windows, with Firefox: ALT+ SHIFT+ access key
The following sequence should be used with the Apple Operating system: CTRL+ access key

The following access keys are available on the Fundación Telefónica website :

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In most cases, the links have been included in such a way that they can be understood out of context. Links which require a description contain this in the “title” attribute, which clearly indicates the target of the link.

Furthermore, wherever possible, links to javascript functions have been avoided. This has been done in order to ensure that all links work in the same way in any browser, irrespective of whether javascript is activated or not.

Visual Design

This website uses cascading style sheets to display information. If the browser or device used to access the site is not compatible with cascading style sheets, the content of the website will still be fully legible due to its structural framework.


All images contain a brief description in the “alt”, “longdesc” or “title” attribute. The description text boxes for images which are only for decorative purposes are empty.