Who we are

The Management Team represents the Foundation. Its responsibilities include making recommendations to the Board of Trustees, coordinating the implementation and execution of worldwide strategic programs and projects, managing resources and ensuring the Foundation’s sustainability in the medium and long term by establishing strategic alliances. Each of the country Foundations in turn has its own Management Team which is entrusted with local management. All these teams present diverse professional profiles which enable us to respond more effectively to the needs of society.

Cesar Alierta Izuel

CEO of Fundación Telefónica

José Mª Sanz-Magallón

Director General of Fundación Telefónica

Almudena Bermejo Sánchez

Director of Cultural Action

Magdalena Brier

Director of Administration and Resources

Alejandro Díaz-Garreta

Director of Education

Lydia Loste

Director of Communication. Fundación Telefónica

Updated: January 2017