The mission

“We improve people´s development opportunities through educational, social and cultural projects adapted to the challenges of the digital world.”

Fundación Telefónica activity is based on four major areas:

  • Education

Our goal is to detect and analyze new educational trends, experiment with them, understand and raise awareness of its pedagogical implications and apply them in the action processes of Fundación Telefónica in the most vulnerable social environments. Browse to Inspire to Transform

  • Employability

We seek to improve the capacities, skills and abilities of young people to increase their opportunities for professional and personal development, particularly among young people at risk of exclusion

  • Cultural Action

We aim to bring contemporary culture to society, with special focus on digital culture

  • Volunteering

We look forward to mobilize all Telefónica´s employees in volunteer activities that match social needs and channel the company´s principles

Fundación Telefónica activity is characterized by:

  • It is not based on welfare or sponsorship, but in developing our own projects.
  • Our projects are usually carried out in collaboration with third parties (Third Sector, public sector, private sector), with whom we design and implement solutions to specific social problems.
  • Our actions seek to enable the empowerment of people.
  • The intervention models we develop that proof successful must be susceptible of being copied and applied by other agents (organizations, governments, institutions…).