The mission

We believe in a digital and supportive world and our mission is to improve people’s development opportunities through educational, social and cultural projects, adapted to the challenges of the digital world.

Our actions

– We do not base our activity on welfare assistance or sponsorship
– We develop our own projects
– We often work with other institutions, which allows what we do to have a greater impact.
– We always seek to empower people.
– We develop intervention models that others can use.

Our strategy

Education: Improve opportunities for boys and girls in vulnerable environments, by means of educational transformation initiatives supported by innovative digital, quality education.

Digital Culture: present the latest expressions of culture and art to society, with digital, innovative and creative formats.

Employability and entrepreneurship: improve the capacities skills and abilities of young people to increase their opportunities for professional and personal development in the new digital society.

– Volunteering: Mobilise people linked to Telefónica to promote, through charity work, the digital inclusion of vulnerable groups, online security and local and community development.